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Katie DeRogatis is a writer and editor now based in Austin, TX. She is a graduate of New York University’s Journalism program, where she double-majored in Social and Cultural Analysis with a focus on Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has written for a variety of publications with diverse subject matters, ranging from music to technology to finance to feminism. She is a compulsive copy editor and organizer who volunteers to put things into spreadsheets. She is silently correcting your grammar.

Praise for Katie’s work

“Katie is the X-factor that every successful team should have. She naturally thinks outside the box inspiring new ideas with her quirky wit and uncanny ability to be on the cusp of what’s cool. Katie’s knowledge of what’s buzzing online makes her an essential asset to any marketing, web, or promo crew she links up with. I worked with her at Warner for over a year and would do so again in a heartbeat.” – John Manganilla, co-founder, Plyte

“[She] has eagle eyes!” – Rose Eveleth, creator, Flash Forward podcast

“Because of Katie’s productivity, creative thinking, and very positive and collaborative attitude, I’ve been able to write more, and write better.” – David Obuchowski, essayist and author

“Katie is a talented and hard-working individual; her passion for music and technology brought Cordless Recordings’ online marketing efforts up… way way up. She is easy to work with, fun to hang out with and loyal to cause.” – Jason Fiber, SVP/GM Mobile Group, THX Ltd.