EXCLUSIVE: New Sci-Fi Video from the Sword

The Austin metal act unveil clip for “Lawless Lands,” the second entry in their ongoing video trilogy.

A redheaded sorceress! Spaceships! A damsel in distress! It’s a true sci-fi storyline in “Lawless Lands,” the new music video from Austin metal act, the Sword. The clip is the second in a video trilogy inspired by Warp Riders, the band’s most recent record, a concept album based on an original sci-fi narrative. Watch below!

In the video, the band members play intergalactic soldiers (albeit clad in, um, t-shirts and jeans) who cruise the cosmos in a spaceship, willing and able to do the bidding of their sexy female commander. As the ship navigates through asteroid fields and dodges meteors, the band performs “Lawless Lands,” a chugging, gloomy cut that nods to Black Sabbath.

The band then descends upon a foreign planet, emerging from their spacecraft and drawing — shocker! — swords in their attempt to rescue a young lady. Amid a furious crescendo of guitar licks, they speed her back to her home planet.

The intergalactic scenery — starry skies, desert planets, gray polygonal spaceships — upholds a classic sci-fi aesthetic. “I love it when the spaceship is on screen,” bassist Bryan Richie tells SPIN. “It looks like we made it into an episode of Star Trek.”

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