WATCH: Kid Cudi’s Rock’n’Roll Video ft. Kanye!

Hip-hop’s dynamic duo transform into bonafide rock stars, shred guitar onstage, and get groupie love in “Erase Me” clip.

On Kid Cudi’s new album Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager (out Oct. 26), the Cleveland rapper experiments with arena-filling rock sounds-and in his “Erase Me” video, featuring Kanye West, Cudi completes the process by transforming into a Jimi Hendrix-like rock star. Watch below!

The clip, which dropped online Tuesday, is a tongue-in-cheek performance video reviving the pompous rock days of the late-1960s with the hip-hop duo dressing up and adopting alter egos. Cudi channels the “Purple Haze” guitar legend in an afro wig, head-band, and bell-bottoms, and shreds guitar onstage as glitter falls from overhead and pyrotechnics fire from cannons. West, who makes a short appearance to drop his verse, appears onstage wearing a black blazer, shades, and enough jewelry to make Mr. T pity himself. ‘Ye even sports a crown of gold laurels. Humble!

Musically, the song is a super-catchy rock jam centered around a massive hook of crunchy guitars. Lyrically, it’s a darker, more moody moment for the Cleveland rapper who broke out with the house music-tinged party anthem “Day ‘N’ Night.” “I keep on running / I keep on running and nothing works,” he sing-raps.

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